SREI SAHAJ agency has tender to establish/implementing CSCs in state Uttar Pradesh. We have opened CSC since past 2.5 years. Still we are in Que to get our certificate of opened CSC. Even we have done our training successfully. But now SREI SAHAJ is demanding Rs.7500=00/ CSC to provide this certificate for new VLEs. Our many items like Lap-top, Printer, V-sat, UPS- Battery etc, are lying since a long time at SAHAJ’s office called RCC Mirzapur. SAHAJ is not repairing within warranty (4 yrs according to his tender) it to say that it needs some amount instead of repairing it. But all things are in warranty mode our many CSC’s VLE have been lost their amount from their Portal/ID which they recharged with Rs.10000=00. Only SAHAJ people know its password. When we demand to return back our amount, SAHAJ operation head replies that is not possible. Our many people given advanced amount Rs.40000=00 demand draft to get new CSC at that time ¬†needed items. But SAHAJ is not providing it. When we went to meet operation head, he didn’t meet us to say that he is not feeling well. Which kind of action taken by SAHAJ? Many state’s CSC has got little bit government services but ask SAHAJ has it provided even a single service of government to Raibarelly,Gorakhapur, Sitapur CSC? SAHAJ making pressure to generate business us to sale only DLF policy (LIFE INSSURANCE). We are confident that SAHAJ name is a BIG PROBLEM. We made our sound to state Govt. for happening things we see the role of bureaucracy. Bureaucrats don’t need to success this program called NeGP (National e Governance Program) at root label. We opened CSC, due to speech of our State Government. That we kind of educated and poor youth have been invest our own capital for Govt.’s Project since three years and earning nothing but paying Rs.2000/- monthly- like (Rs.500/- license fee, Rs.750/- internet charge and¬† Rs.500/- room rent, electricity charges and miscellaneous charges etc) . Therefore VLEs unable to promote their CSCs.

Govt. Bureaucrats are also delaying to give service to the CSCs whereas Districts of our state (UP) has been announced already e-district by the Governor of UP till 21 January 2011 but neither take proper action about this matter by the Govt. of UP nor their bureaucrats.

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